Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology | Asphalt Repair Process

Infrared Technology is not a new asphalt repair process, and as infrared technology gains momentum more and more asphalt professionals are reaping the benefits. Infrared heating is a fast and simple process that creates a seamless weld between new and existing asphalt decreasing the likelihood of repeat visits to fix the same area. So what do you need and how does this process work? Let us show you.

What you need:

  • KM International Infrared Recycler
  • Broom
  • Rake
  • Lute
  • Asphalt Rejuvenator
  • Plate Compactor
  • Shovel
  • 2-3 Man Crew
  • Hot Mix Asphalt from KM International Hotbox Reclaimer

Step-By-Step Asphalt Repair Process:

  1. Thoroughly clean area for repair.
  2. Position IR heater over area. Heat only the area(s) to be repaired
  3. Allow IR unit to heat to a minimum depth of 4,0 cm. Typical heating times are 7-10 minutes.
  4. Move IR unit and position over next repair area.
  5. Scarify (rake) entire area to be repaired. Maintain a minimum 3” heated but unscarified perimeter (known as picture framing the repair area).
  6. OPTION: Remove material if necessary. (Dirt, Oil, oversized aggregate, etc.)
  7. Rejuvenate: . 0,50 l/mq.
  8. Add new asphalt according to jobsite conditions.
    Note: Remove asphalt on occasional high spot repairs as needed.Lute (relevel).Craftsmanship is premium! Leave edge ¼” above grade.
  9. Compact: Standard compaction methods apply.
    • Plate compactor-1133 kg. centrifugal force. GOOD
    • Single or double drum vibratory walk behind roller. BETTER
    • 1.5-2 Ton vibratory roller. BEST
  10. Apply finish rejuvenator. Focus rejuvenator at edges of the repair area and on any heated but unscarified pavement.
  11. Final clean up.
  12. Open to traffic. Allow immediate traffic to drive over. Allow to cool to ambient temps if vehicles will be stopping and/or turning on the repair.

With infrared technology, during the asphalt repair process you truly get the best of both worlds. Not only is it time and cost effective, it is a longer lasting, seamless repair.





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