KM4000 2 Ton


2-Ton Skid Mounted Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer

Our 2-ton skid mounted asphalt hot box reclaimer fits perfectly in the bed of most pickup trucks!

KM 4000 2-Ton Skid Mounted Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer:

  • Triple wall constructed
  • Thermostatically controlled with 100% safety shut down
  • Equipped with a single insulated shovel door
  • Gravity feed for easy discharge of material
  • Maintain HMA for a period of 48 hours or reclaim bulk stored virgin mix overnight
  • Propane or diesel fired available



KM4000 2-Ton Skid Mounted Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer Specifications

Dimensions: 183 x 137 x 112 cm
Capacity: 1820 kg. of asphalt
Heating Element: 58,000 BTU propane 105,000 BTU diesel
Thermostat: 38° – 177° C°
Pilot: Electric ignition with full shut down safety capacity.
Filling Door: Entire insulated lid opens for easy filling
Shoveling Port: Sliding door opens allowing asphalt to be shoveled. Slanted walls in box funnel contents toward the port.
Insulation: 5 – 8 cm of high efficiency fiberglass insulation plus reflective metal lines the entire box for heating economy.
Construction: All welded steel; 16 gauge skin, 20 gauge top and 14 gauge asphalt compartment.
Weight: 372 kg.
Specifications Subject To Change


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