KM 55 Sealcoat Melting Kettle

The KM 55 is a sealcoat melting kettle, it’s 50,000 BTU propane burner is thermostatically controlled optimizing fuel efficiency and temperature accuracy. This sealcoat melting kettle consumes 1/2 the propane of direct fire kettles.

  • Self-contained & insulated
  • Allows for continuous accurate heating of material without constant monitoring
  • The KM 55 consumes half the amount of propane as a direct fired kettle
  • Equipped with a utility torch for heating the valve, tools, pour pots, etc.
  • A two (2) inch flow valve extends out for easy filling of application equipment
  • Air Jacketed operates on convection/conduction heat


KM 55 Sealcoat Melting Kettle Specifications

Dimensions: 61 cm W x 173 cm L x 81 cm H
Capacity: 208 Liters
Thermostat: 38°-260° controller
Heating Element: 50,000 BTU propane heating element
Pilot: Electronic fuel ignitions with 100% safety shut down capability
Insulation: High efficiency insulation and reflective metal for maximizing fuel economy
Construction: 16 gauge skin, 14 gauge funnel, 20 gauge opening lid
Weight: 154 Kg.
Agitation: 182° hand agitation paddle
Specifications Subject To Change


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